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Excel Metal Buidling Systems Inc. Suggested Unloading Operations

Pre-planning of the unloading operations is an important part of the erection procedure.

This involves careful and safe planning at the job site by the owner or installer.

Trucks are loaded to maximize efficiency and maximize trailer weight.

Route trucks may be hauling several other buildings on the same truck.

1. Location of carrier vehicle during unloading
Unload material near their usage points to minimize lifting, travel and rehandling
during building assembly.

2. Prepare necessary ramp for truck
The edge of the concrete slab should be protected to minimize the danger of chipping or cracking from truck traffic if the materials are to be laid out on the slab. One important safety consideration is the fact that materials stored on the slab may subject workers from possible injury from falling objects.

3. Schedule lifting equipment (not by EMBS)
The type and size of lifting equipment is determined by the size of the building and the site conditions. Length of boom, capacity and maneuverability of lifting equipment will determine its location for both unloading and erection. The most common equipment used is an all terrain fork lift or tractor with loader and forks. Use the same lifting equipment to unload and erect structural parts. Lifting equipment costs are usually minimized by combining the unloading process with building erection.

4. Consideration of overhead electric wires
Overhead power lines are a continuing source of danger.Extreme care must be used in locating and using lifting equipment to avoid contact with power lines.

5. Schedule crew
Depending on the crew size, valuable time can generally be gained if the supervisor plans and watches ahead instead of getting tied up with a particular unloading chore.

6.Unloading and Stacking
Blocking under the red iron protects the slab from damage during the unloading process. It also facilitates the placing of slings or cables around members to later lift into place. If water is allowed to remain for extended periods on bundles of primed parts such as girts, purlins etc the pigment will fade and the paint will gradually soften reducing its bond to the steel. All bundles should be stored with one end elevated to allow water drain. This is especially important with the painted material water will cause stains to appear on the sheeting if allowed to set for a period of time.

7. Check Shipment
When shipments are received in the field, two inspections are necessary:
a. If during the inspection, damages, or shortages of items are found, a report should be filed with the carrier immediately at the site.
b. When bundles crates, cartons, boxes, etc. are opened following delivery, another check must be preformed to determine the quantity received and condition. If during this inspection damages or shortages of items are found a claim should be sent to EMBS no later than 7 days
after delivery of the material.

Unless these two important inspections are made and any reports or claims are filed immediately, settlements become very difficult and usually all parties suffer the loss.