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1. Primary Framing (Main Frames) on an Excel Metal Building Systems Pre-Engineered Metal Building
The Primary Framing on Excel Metal Building Systems Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings consists of the main I-Beam frame columns and rafters. These are cut, welded and punched in our manufacturing facilities for ease of field installation. These members are the strongest and heaviest pieces that will bolt together on your job. After standing 2 of the Main Frames you will begin to bolt the secondary members to the main frames for support.

2. Secondary Framing (Girts, Purlins, Framed Openings)
The secondary framing consists of the girst, purlins and framed openings (overhead, walkdoor and window).  The secondary framing girts and purlins is what the wall and roof sheeting attach to for support. After the secondary members are in place and framed openings are trimmed out you can begin the wall then roof sheeting.

3. Roof and Wall Sheeting
You will begin by installing the wall sheeting by attaching it will the self taping screws to the secondary framing. Once the wall sheeing is installed your will begin the roof sheeting also using the self tapping screws to attach to the purlin members. If your building is insulated you will install the insulation as you are sheeting the walls and roof. (See Manual)

4. Metal Building Trim and Accessories
To finish up the building install the metal building trim such as corner trim, rake trim and gutter and downs. The trim provides a weather tight seal where you might have gaps in sheeting and for finished appearance. Any accessories are to be installed at the time of the trim as well (doors, windows).