Things You Should Know Before Buying a Steel Building, Metal Building, Mini Storage Building Kit, or Self Storage Building Kit

  • Check with your local building authorities before you start the building process to verify your code requirements, such as live load, wind loads, and building code. This is the end users or general contractors responsibility. (Example: Code IBC 2009; Live Load 20lb, Ground Snow 20lb, Wind Load 90mph).
  • Before you sign anything make sure that the contract or quote has listed all the items that you are requiring for your building from the steel building manufacturer.
  • Always have everything in writing. After you have entered into a contract for a building any changes made after that should be done through a change order, not just a verbal agreement over the phone. Never take anything for granted.
  • If you make changes after they have started manufacturing your building, expect this to cost you money. Structural changes can’t be made easily. Moving a door may affect more on your building than you might expect. Every part of a metal building works together to make the building perform the way it is supposed to.
  • After you have entered into a contract with a steel building company they should send you a set of approval drawings for you to check over before they start producing your building. Check for things like location of overhead doors, bay spacing, eave height, clearance issues, colors of walls, and trim. Most buildings come standard with Galvalume roofs, so if you want a colored roof that will be an option which will cost a little more money. This is your building, make sure it is the way you want it.
  • When your building arrives at the jobsite, it is very important for both parties, that you inventory the material in a timely manner. Most companies will allow 7-10 days to inventory the material for any shortages. If something is short notify the company in writing immediately. If you wait past the 7-10 days to claim a shortage that is on the material list most companies will not honor your claim.
  • Don't throw the erection drawings on the dash of your truck. Just because it's a metal building they do not all go together the same way. These drawings are produced for your building only. Use them with the material list and it will make the construction of the building a much more enjoyable experience.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions before you buy and as you are putting your building up. A simple phone call can save you time and money in the long run. A metal building company that cares doesn't mind answering questions that you might have. If they do, then maybe that's not the company to be doing business with.
  • Beware if a company tells you they have an overstock or cancelled building that you can buy at a high discounted price. Nobody produces a building before they have an order for one. In rare cases someone may have one that has been canceled for some reason. If this is the case the eave height is already determined, the doors are already located and colors have already been produced. So you can't pick the color of the building.

Q: Why should I buy a steel building over a wood building?

Answer: There are many advantages of steel vs. wood construction. Using steel is very environmentally sound. Two-thirds of all steel produced today comes from recycled steel. Steel frames can last decades without needing repair or replacements, unlike wood frames. While steel typically costs more than wood, its price remains relatively consistent while the cost of wood fluctuates wildly and budgeting is more accurate with steel material. There is less scrap and waste when using steel instead of wood. Steel is manufactured and will not have defects like the twists, knots or splits found when working with wood. Also, steel is not prone to cracking, warping or splitting like wood.

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